Available units

Prices from 925,000€ + VAT

B1ª 3 INT 183 163 SOLD
B2ª 3 INT 181 157 SOLD
1º1ª 2 INT 91 AVAILABLE Download
1º2ª 2 INT 93 AVAILABLE Download
1º3ª 3 EXT 117 2 SOLD
1º4ª 3 EXT 112 4 AVAILABLE Download
2º1ª 2 INT 91 AVAILABLE Download
2º2ª 2 INT 93 SOLD
2º3ª 3 EXT 117 2 SOLD
2º4ª 3 EXT 112 4 SOLD
3º1ª 2 INT 91 SOLD
3º2ª 2 INT 93 SOLD
3º3ª 3 EXT 117 2 SOLD
3º4ª 3 EXT 112 4 SOLD
4º1ª 2 INT 91 SOLD
4º2ª 2 INT 93 SOLD
4º3ª 3 EXT 117 2 SOLD
4º4ª 3 EXT 112 SOLD
5º1ª 4 INT 185 AVAILABLE Download
5º2ª 3 EXT 197 21 SOLD
5º3ª 3 EXT 176 17 AVAILABLE Download
6º1ª 4 INT 185 SOLD

All the apartments in the development keep a perfect balance between the Eixample’s traditional architecture and a modern and cosmopolitan interior design

Natural light
all over the house

Natural light fills the apartments through acoustic and thermal insulated large windows that occupy the maximum possible surface area of the façade.

The distribution of the interior, with light, timeless colors, and sliding doors, helps the light reach every corner of the apartments.

Large rooms

The interiors are distributed and designed in such a way that each room makes the most of its entire available surface.

Sliding doors allow to connect the rooms and expand them at the resident’s convenience.


One of the most prominent factors in this development is the concept of sustainability.

Air conditioning and water installations in all the apartments of Casa Maury-Parés are equipped with cutting-edge aerothermal technology, which provides the highest efficiency and sustainability. This project achieved the maximum energy qualification, the class A certificate.

Private parking
in the building